"Bringing sustainability to our automotive repair business hasn't been an easy process but offering microGreen extended service oil filters has allowed us to take a big step in the right direction. We're all about reducing waste and microGreen oil filters allow us to extend the useful life of every quart of engine oil we install in a customer's vehicle. Not only is this unique product great for the environment but it has been great for customer retention as we're the only shop in town that can offer a 30,000 mile oil change."

Tony Giambro, Owner & Chief Sustainability Officer - Paris Autobarn LLC

If you are in the New England area, please contact Paris Autobarn for your microGreen filter needs.
161 E Main St, South Paris, ME 04281 • Phone: 207.744.2169

"Hello, my name is Thomas Peck. I discovered microGreen filters in early 2016. I read their advertisements and thought that sounds like a great product. I always wanted to do an oil study, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity. I started driving as with an app based rideshare service. I thought this would be the perfect test vehicle due to the high amount of miles the vehicle would be driving. During my first test, I used a quality aftermarket filter, with popular synthetic oil. After 4,100 miles I changed the oil and sent the sample off to an independent lab for analysis. The results were not very good. The oil tested with higher metal parts per million than expected. I then utilized the microGreen filter and different popular synthetic oil. I decided to leave the oil in longer than the other just to see what the results would be. I have never gone more than 5000 miles on an oil and filter. I went 9,233 miles and used ½ qt. of oil during the service life. I changed the oil and the results were nothing less than amazing. The metal levels were normal and they stated “the oil was in good physical condition, we found no measurable contamination.” That statement left me astonished; I sent my results to microGreen. I am a believer in the product, it actually works for me."

Thomas Peck from Cincinnati, OH

"We have saved thousands of dollars and hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil by extending our service intervals. I can tell you this, I was going to purchase an oil furnace to burn the waste oil, but I did the numbers back then and I could not produce enough waste oil to run the burner." 

David B., Fleet Manager - Mt. Pleasant, NY Police Dept.

"Love the microGreen filters and have always had great experiences with ordering them on Amazon!"

Charvak Karpe from Cambridge, MA

"I just wanted to say that everyone involved in the making of the microGreen filters does an amazing job. I had an issue with a filter with a drain back valve not sealing. I contacted the company through phone and email. The lady that I corresponded with was very friendly and knowledgeable. The lady had sent me a new filter and remained professional through it all. I now have my dad using these filters. Great job with the people that handle customer service and to the QA team for turning out great filters. Awesome work. I will continue to order and recommend the filters based on what I have seen and heard."

Dustin from Texas

"I've been running microGreen filters for years. We used our 2006 Jeep Liberty CRD to tow a travel trailer. Being a diesel, it was hard on the oil. When we switched to microGreen filters, the oil in the CRD was visibly lighter, which is an indication of superior particular filtration.

We've since replaced the Jeep Liberty CRD with a GMC Yukon XL, and of course I run a microGreen in that. And to protect our investment in our zero-turn riding mower, I run a microGreen in that as well!

It's a great feeling knowing you've got the best filtration practically possible. I've seen the proof with my own eyes."

Chris from Pennsylvania

"5 out of 5 stars for microGreen Oil Filters! Being the owner of a transportation company, I'm always looking for the best products to extend the life of my vehicles. microGreen Oil Filters helps us save money on oil and allows our mechanics to do quicker oil changes. I met Ernie at a limousine show and his knowledge of this product had me sold from the get go! One of the best maintenance decisions that I have made for my fleet! Thank you Ernie!" 

Anthony, Owner - A Plus Coach, Inc., Massachusetts