Supplier Code of Conduct

SOMS Technologies LLC (“SOMS”) is committed to maintaining high ethical, legal, safe, and environmentally and socially responsible business practices. Our commitment includes expectations of vendors, manufacturers, contractors and sub-contractors, and this Policy establishes a Code of Conduct for our Suppliers.

All Suppliers must comply with all applicable laws, codes and regulations, as applicable, in the jurisdictions where they conduct business. Additionally, Suppliers must ensure that their facilities and operations do not present unnecessary risks to the environment or to the public, and that their operations include processes and procedures for addressing those risks.

Suppliers shall maintain fair labor practices and shall not use any form of forced, compulsory or child labor nor any form of human trafficking.

Any payment from Suppliers or their representatives intended as a bribe, “kickback”, or designed to influence or compromise the conduct of SOMS or its representatives is a violation of this Policy. No gifts or gratuities shall be provided to SOMS personnel unless of nominal value in line with customary business practices.

SOMS has also established a Conflict Minerals Policy, a copy of which can be viewed here.

Suppliers are responsible for ensuring that the standards and requirements of this Code are communicated and understood by their personnel working with SOMS. Suppliers will be held responsible for the conduct and actions of their employees.

Suppliers and their employees are to promptly disclose to SOMS, on a confidential basis, any incidents that give rise to the appearance of a violation of this Policy.

SOMS reserves the right (in addition to all other legal and contractual rights) to terminate any relationship with a current or potential Supplier found to be in violation of this Supplier Code of Conduct, without liability.

SOMS reserves the right to amend or revise this Policy Statement at any time.