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Fleet Maintenance Just Got Easier

Every day, fleet managers are faced with the challenge of keeping their fleets running while continuously trying to cut costs on vehicle maintenance services and reduce downtime. Leave it to microGreen Extended Performance Filters to make that job easier. By making the switch from traditional filters to microGreen filters, your fleet can experience:

Great Cost Savings

microGreen filters are designed to reduce the maintenance required on your fleet vehicles, ultimately delivering significant cost savings on materials and labor. We utilize technologically advanced designs and premium materials to ensure our filters last longer and clean your engine oil better than any traditional filter on the market. With our filters, your fleet will require fewer oil and filter changes.

Less Downtime

With fewer scheduled oil change maintenance stops, fleet vehicles can get more hours on the road—just one more way to put more time back into your day and money back into your pocket.

Increased Sustainability

Today’s fleet managers are facing ever-increasing sustainability requirements. With our longer service interval, your fleet can significantly decrease its environmental footprint through reduced waste and carbon footprint.

Customizable Maintenance Schedules

At microGreen, we work extensively with fleets and understand that no two fleets operate on the same maintenance schedules and vehicle requirements. We work with fleet managers and operators to develop a custom microGreen oil filter maintenance schedule that will complement your current maintenance and operational scheduling, customizing the filter change frequency and schedule as well as how far the oil drain interval is extended. We can also provide you with details on the cost savings you can achieve, based on your unique maintenance schedule and vehicles in your fleet.

microGreen recommends that no matter what brand of oil filter you use, or whatever oil maintenance interval you follow, that you should check the engine oil level of your vehicle at least monthly to ensure optimal operation.